5 Leading Content Marketing Trends that will Rule in 2020

Content Marketing January 13, 2020
content marketing trends 2020

5 Leading Content Marketing Trends that will Rule in 2020

Content Marketing is ranked highest in contribution to B2B marketing, with an 89% success rate. If the content is impactful, the deliverables need to be technologically sound too.

Content marketers focus on sparking conversations, creating clear messages, and personalizing communication day in and day out. The content, coupled with technological innovations, has made many success stories possible so far. But, what has worked in the past may not be as effective in the future. Content is dynamic, and it needs fresh inputs and a new approach from time to time.

So what should companies/brands focus on in 2020 when they want to reach out to their consumers and potential customers through content marketing

What content will grab customers’ attention in 2020?

And where can marketers put their money when it comes to the winning combination of content and technology?

Content Marketing in 2020 will witness a lot more innovation

Here’s how –

AI Comes of Age

Emerging technologies that are futuristic will no longer lead to scampering around with uncertainty. Taking AI by the horns, content marketers shall dwell into engaging conversations via chatbots and make meaningful connections through the data accumulated with the aid of AI. Content marketing services will be more inclusive in technology outreach than ever before.

Content Clusters

Within the wide range of SEO, content has always been pushed with an emphasis on keywords; it won’t be so in 2020. The clusters created for the particular content will not only be a boon for brand recognition but will also harness the B2B and B2C connections via various content marketing platforms . Content clusters are made using similar product/service features that ride a particular brand.

Re-marketing and Re-targeting

Quickly becoming a necessity, content marketing services now have an additional responsibility – to “call back” the previous or existing customers in various ways. One of the ways is to grab the attention of the customer if they have left something in the cart online and not made a purchase.

Another way is to engage previous customers into trying a new or a similar product. One of the benefits of re-marketing in content marketing is the re-targeting strategy. While re-marketing focuses on recall and engagement, re-targeting focuses on enticing the customers to purchase again.

For instance, Facebook has made it easy to re-market through advertisements based on various options. With 22 billion ad clicks per year and 3 times more engagement than regular ads, Facebook remarketing ads are going to rule the market in 2020. Even the highly customizable Google ads combined with remarketing gives you the power to reimagine your ad strategy. Remarketing and retargeting will be all about using great content to reach out to those smartly selected customers.

Ad Roll

Ad Roll is gaining increasing popularity as one of the great ways of engaging in marketing and targeting. Ad Roll is an AI-Driven marketing software that gives you better ways to re-target and engage with greater ease in terms of implementing content marketing strategies. Since 2007, Ad Roll has been enabling businesses to grow revenue and keep recalling customers. With software that makes things easier to work on, you need to focus on better campaigns, draw out good strategies, and deal with awesome content.

Focused Content is the Buzzword

70% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service via content rather than just advertising. The focused content of 2020 shall include both personalization and creativity. The more creative the content, the more relevant it sounds to the customers, thereby increasing the chances of them availing the service or the product. Content marketing strategy in the digital era must account for the need to make the customers feel like “owners” of that brand or product. In essence, ‘The customer is the king’ will always remain at the core of marketing.

These points are essential for making way for your brand/company or for your product to be “seen”, “recognized”, and “appreciated”. However, while we are talking about content and marketing, there are certain facts that can boost the probability of conversion/sale.

“Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer’s inbox.”

Apart from the five pointers for content marketing trends, here is a list of essential content that’s value-driven and must be used in 2020!

Blogs – They are greater in length, but are ideal for direct and indirect brand communication as well as to put out other relevant and engaging information. It keeps the customers informed without being a bore.

Videos – A video format allows the customers to get a clarity of the product/services and to form a better idea of the brand itself. Customers watch videos to get a better understanding of what they intend on buying.

E-mailers – When brands are able to engage with customers through their inbox, it creates a personalized as well as a direct line of communication. This way, brands can use storytelling without having to compete with other companies for customer attention, which increases overall customer retention.

Testimonials – This can be combined with reviews posted by the customer. Testimonials are known to create a sense of trust since customers almost always check the reviews before buying anything.

Expertise Matters

Content has multiple layers. You have to dig deeper to get to the valuable and more precious insights. And while you do that, you also have to keep track of new advancements being brought in by technology. All in all, you have to keep digging deeper while keeping your head above the ground to make sure you do not miss anything important. You need nothing short of a miracle here, it seems.

But with content experts like Wittypen , you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on anything. With their pool of talented writers, managed by a team of in-house content experts, all your content-related needs are taken care of in the best possible manner. Their expertise spans across various formats and domains, such as website content, blog posts, e-mailers and newsletters, press releases, or any other form of custom content.

Too much is at Stake in 2020!

Content is being churned out at an alarming rate, and the concentration span of the readers is decreasing. Thus, we need to bring something to the table that not only grabs the attention of the customer but also retains it long enough for them to make a favorable decision about purchasing the product. While technology is at your disposal, opening up many avenues, you need an expert to bring out the best out of these.