Effective Engagement With Episodic Blogs

Content Writing February 14, 2020
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Effective Engagement With Episodic Blogs

Among the many responsibilities of owning a blog is keeping your audience engaged . The surest way to do that is by creating a blog series. This way, not only do you provide SEO value to your website, but also generate considerable traffic towards it.

Why is a Blog Series Effective and Engaging?

• It persuades your readers to keep coming back to your blog.
• The keyword association for your website will become strong.
• Your blog content will increase in a planned manner.
• Due to the uniqueness and creativity of your content, your website revenue will escalate.
• A blog series will create a level of unrivalled anticipation among your readers.

Now that we’ve established the usefulness of creating a blog series, here are some content writing tips that could get you started.

Narrowing Down the Topic for Your Blog Series

Several factors must be taken into consideration before deciding on a topic for your series. It must be on a subject that is exhaustive in nature. Providing a comprehensive understanding of the topic in, perhaps a four-part series will accomplish the goal. In this way, each post will be dedicated to understanding a certain aspect of the subject at large.

You must also remember to choose something that is relevant and trending. Keep in mind that the posts don’t run too long, while making sure that you dig deep and showcase your expertise.

Furthermore, by making sure that your topic is ageless and suited to your audience’s needs and interests, you’re already a step ahead. Addressing their concerns will not only boost your credibility with them, but will also open a path to new viewers who might find your blog through their search queries.

The Elements Involved in a Four-Part Blog Series

A blog series may involve any number of blog posts within it (ranging from two parts, four or even seven posts). By way of example, here are a few blog writing tips for structuring a four-part series.

Part 1 – Establishing Authority: Through the first instalment, your audience should get a clear understanding of why you’re writing about a particular subject/brand. Your content should display your expertise . Once you’ve got that sorted, you can focus on presenting your post in a unique manner. Iterating on why the topic interests you, and describing all the important details. Towards the end, you can outline what the rest of your instalments are going to look like. A Call To Action, encouraging your audience to subscribe and sign up would be ideal.

Part 2 – Furnishing the Details: The second instalment in the series should focus on including variables such as an introductory/how-to video or testimonials, that could add to the reliability of the content. This will essentially set the groundwork for the upcoming post and also build anticipation.

Part 3 – Talk About Your Brand/Product at Length: The third instalment is all about demonstrating the services that your brand/product offers in complete detail. Make sure that the content is presented in a creative and innovative manner. A few content writing ideas that would enable you to do that is to present your content using illustrations, how-to lists, infographics, interviews and a host of other creative materials. This is to ensure that your audience finds the content engaging enough to come back.

Part 4 – Focus on the Audience: You have now, successfully established a connection with your audience by constantly providing them with varied, exclusive content, all the while talking about your brand. The last instalment in your blog series, therefore, will focus on engaging with your audience. Respond to queries posted through the comments and emails. Provide additional details of your product/brand like an upcoming event, new releases or upgrades. This builds connections and connections mean a customer base that will willingly return and read your next blog post.

A blog series is a tool like any other form of creative outlet, with the ultimate aim of audience engagement. To get someone to read your work and share it, you have to constantly improve on your skills. Blogs in a series can enable you to better engage your audience on subjects that are lengthier and comprehensive. Use these tips and more available techniques on our website to upgrade your content to industry standards or better!