Effective Content Optimization Tips To Win Google Featured Snippet Box

Content Writing February 10, 2020
Content optimization tips for Google Featured Snippet Box

Effective Content Optimization Tips To Win Google Featured Snippet Box

Content writing platforms dream about featuring in the top-ranking spot of the search results page. This top-ranking spot has changed over the years and gained new significance. It’s no more the first website that features on the results page but is replaced by Google featured snippets. It is often called the ‘Google Answer Box’ and appears when a user asks a ‘Wh question’ such as- why, how to, what, etc. The Google featured snippet box displays the direct answer to that question from the first results page without the user having to visit the page. This specific facet has increased its value in the eyes of content writing services.

Are Google Featured Snippets Important For Content Marketers?

Digital marketers should view Google featured snippet box as the Oscar for their domain. In simple words, featured snippets occupy one-fourth of the results page’s space. They dominate all other websites and blogs when it comes to web traffic as a very small number of users go beyond the first results page. This maximizes growth and business opportunities as users tend to read and comprehend the information from the featured snippet rather than burrowing through other websites which in turn maximizes traffic.

Content Optimization Tips For Google Featured Snippet Box

Content writers should note that employing the right combination of these content optimization tips following thorough research of your niche can increase your chances of featuring in the snippets.

1. Accurate Wording

Google’s algorithm analyzes the intent of the user and matches it with the answer which most appropriately satisfies the query. Here, wording or choosing the correct set and number of words comes into play. The headers should capture the gist of the topic and include the right keywords . Moreover, adding paragraph tags is a must as it helps Google identify the answer relevant to the query and feature only that part. Content writing services should note that succinct and short answers of around 40-50 words feature in the box.

2. Content Format

Brevity is king when it comes to Google snippet box. A short and direct answer comprising 40-50 words, followed by comprehensive content is the right format for paragraph based blogs. But Google’s algorithm considers lists, tables and occasionally images as snippable content. Content writing ideas which condense long-form repetitive content into lists and tables along with comprehensive paragraphs optimize results.

3. User Experience

Google likes to provide users with the best possible website or blog that answers their queries. A blog replete with high-quality images, informative tables and charts, numbering and paragraph breaks enhances user experience and readability, thereby, securing a higher score on Google’s ranking system. Content writing platforms which mention FAQs, answer queries and publish comments have a higher chance of featuring in the snippet box.

4. SEO Friendly

An important content optimization tip is to not forget about your SEO strategy by getting busy with just the snippet box. Long-tail keywords are more important as users tend to ask descriptive questions. You need to conduct extensive research through Google Analytics and keyword trackers to identify the most beneficial keywords in your domain. Moreover, your on-page SEO should be spot on as Google will try to gauge if your content is relevant to the question. Your title tags, meta description, file names and product-specific landing pages should have well researched and effective wording.

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