What Makes Plagiarism the Most Important Factor in Article Writing?

Content Writing January 2, 2020
avoid plagiarism in article writing

What Makes Plagiarism the Most Important Factor in Article Writing?

Plagiarism is when you take the words and ideas of ideas of others and simply pass them off as your own. When you plagiarize an article, you take full credit of its originality and do not credit the author. In essence, it is a type of intellectual theft and be it academic writing or website content; it is also considered an offence that is punishable by law.

Types of Plagiarism

Types of Plagriasm

There are different types of plagiarism that occur these days like:

1. Complete Plagiarism

This is when you simply copy-paste an article, word-by-word. It’s basically stealing someone’s work in its entirety and putting it under your own name without editing it. You don’t change the language, flow of statements, or any part of the article – at all.

2. Partial Plagiarism

Partial plagiarism is when you copy sections of information or data from different sources and combine them to make up your own unique article. It’s taking ideas from various sources instead of a single one, unlike complete plagiarism. In partial plagiarism, paraphrasing of the information can occur by changing the presenting the same ideas in a different way, except by altering the sentences.

3. Lazy Plagiarism

Lazy plagiarism is sloppy plagiarism. An excellent example of this is when someone takes notes directly from a lecture and doesn’t put the footnotes in quotations nor cite the sources.

Why Do Writers Fall Into The Common Trap of Plagiarism?

When we’re talking about article writing, it is easy to fall into the trap of plagiarism due to many reasons. The most common reason is a lack of confidence which leads to a lack of originality. This is how writers fall into the trap of using the ‘skyscraper technique’ where they use the original content as the baseline for research and try to improve upon it.

Plagiarism spectrum

Some of the other reasons why writers fall into the plagiarism trap are-

Lack of time management skills – They simply don’t know how to manage their time and rush through deadlines

Laziness – Some writers are plain lazy and not willing to put in the work. This is where making use of a content writing services can help.

Pressure to Succeed – If the article, being written, is meant for acquiring a specific grade, then sometimes, the pressure to write gets too daunting. This is why some academic writers don’t thrive under pressure and plagiarize accidentally from the panic.

Too many resources – The internet is filled with many websites and resources from where writers can gather info. Sometimes this can become too much, and writers end up not knowing what to pick or ignore.

They Just Didn’t Know– If the writer is new to academic writing or citing sources, they may plagiarize information without even knowing what that means.

What Doesn’t Count As Plagiarism

If you’re not blatantly paraphrasing someone’s work or stealing ideas but using their material for research purposes, then it’s okay. What this means is you write in your own words, without copying other’s ideas line-by-line nor taking apart their flow.

If your new article looks completely different from the piece you’re researching the material from, then that won’t count as plagiarism.

We get into more about how to write unique content without plagiarism below. Here are some tips and tactics.

1 . Understand What You Write About

Understand the topic when you research. Don’t simply copy-paste ideas or rip them off. Make sure you cite your sources if you’re taking out any quotes or passages from your research papers.

2. Use Content Writing Services

If you’re open to the idea of hiring ghost article writing services to help you out and you’re strapped for time, then it helps. You will have to pay for it though but getting an article writing agency to help you write up your papers is a good move since they are aware of the laws and produce unique content.

3. Use A Plagiarism Checker

Using tools like Copyscape and free online plagiarism checkers are a good way to make sure what you write is truly original and not sourced from somewhere online directly.

4. Mention Your References

If you end up taking someone’s ideas but using it in a different way, it’s worth mentioning or listing your references, just to be safe.

Content writing in India is a growing niche, and there are many talented content writers who are well versed with plagiarism laws these days. Getting the help of content writing services can make researching your papers a lot easier and save you money too. Because at the end of the day, blatant plagiarism can end up getting you sued and landing in court. It’s that serious, and that’s something to remember.