Why Content Marketing Fails and How It Can Be Fixed?

Content Marketing December 30, 2019
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Why Content Marketing Fails and How It Can Be Fixed?

We often get to hear how content is king and that content marketing is quintessential for the success of a business. Most businesses trying to strengthen their digital presence are struggling with content marketing . The success rates are mind-boggling, and it is disappointing that even they don’t think they are successful.

Another disheartening fact is that most people are not aware of the mistakes that are preventing them from reaching their content marketing goals (if they have set any).
With that being said, let’s have a look at the reasons why content fails –

Lack of a Proper Strategy for Content Marketing

Content marketing is indeed a powerful tool, but only if done right. The first step to achieving success at content marketing is devising a foolproof content marketing strategy , and this is where most businesses fail. They jump into the execution phase before deciding upon a well-defined strategy.

There is an old saying, “don’t be scared of making mistakes but do not make the mistakes others have already made. Make your own instead.” Learning from the successes and failures of others is the most important guide when devising a content marketing strategy.

While it doesn’t mean you copy someone else’s strategy, there are a lot of areas where you can draw inspiration from. These include, where they have shared content, who else have they got to share it further, what is there in their content that stands above the rest, etc.
It is all about learning the best practices and eliminating the pre-identified bottlenecks to come up with a lucid plan to execute. This stage is critical because it determines the effectiveness of all the other stages.

A content marketing platform can be your best bet if you are facing difficulty with respect to deciding on a content marketing strategy for your brand.

Use of Wrong Content Format

Whereas most businesses have realised the value of content, the major mistake they still commit is recycling existing content without adding any additional value. Content marketing doesn’t mean churning out blog posts, circulating them on social media, and then waiting for magic. There are a lot more content formats that are equally effective and important. You need to choose the right format based on the target audience.

For instance, your target base is a group of suppliers who deal in car spare-parts. Publishing 800-1000-word blog posts one after another is simply a waste of time and effort at your end because the prospects probably won’t be interested. Focus on how-to guides and instructional videos instead. Content formats include written, video, audio, and image content. You can also explore webinars, checklists, infographics, case studies, eBooks, memes, etc. But, knowing your audience is the main deal here.

Absence of a Brand Voice

This may seem like quite an abstract concept to understand, but it is one of the most important points to focus on. Just like a human’s voice helps you identify them without even seeing them, a brand’s voice is its identity. It distinguishes the brand from its competitors and prevents it from getting lost in the crowd.

The content you share must carry a unique voice that creates an impression in the minds of the audience and helps them recognise the brand and remember it better. It is important to find that voice and stick to it in all your content marketing endeavours.
If you have difficulty identifying your brand voice, then content marketing services can help you greatly.

Lack of Familiarity with The Performance of Your Marketing Campaign

We have already established how important it is to devise a strategy and establish goals. However, it is equally important to determine how successful the execution is. If you do not invest time in understanding the analytics, you will be unaware of what works for your campaign and what doesn’t. You need to be in touch with all the metrics related to the success of your content marketing plan.

Do not just focus on website traffic, but also take into account, SEO ranking, sales, quality of leads , etc. The choice of metrics will depend on your goals, i.e., what you want to achieve. For instance, if you are a local services brand, expecting a million followers is unrealistic. Rather, you can set your metric as an increase in the number of locals that opt for your services. Once your metrics are defined, you can delve into the data and analytics aspect of each metric.

Not Hiring a Resource for Management

When you run a business, content marketing is not the only thing you do. Since your plate is already full of tasks, it is wise to appoint someone to take care of tasks related to content marketing solely. This will increase accountability as well as make it easier to track pitfalls.

Investing in a content marketing service is the best way to eliminate the hassle of managing everything yourself.

Ignoring the Social Signals and Latest Trends on Social Media

Long before the digital boom, advertisements by Amul were a great example of keeping up with the trends. Each advertisement was in sync with the latest news or trend in India. The same goes for social media also. It is important to reflect social media trends in your posts because the negligence of the same will render your brand as something that is run-of-the-mill and not unique. Once you offer a perspective to your audience regarding something that affects them, they will relate to your brand voice and identity.

Content marketing can be confusing, and content marketing companies in India can help you achieve your goals and strengthen your business. Remember, content is indeed king! And it is up to you how you use this king’s powers of persuasion.